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Thanks to all our supporters! The threat of 1,500 more houses locally

After three days of at times very difficult argument, the six day Gladman inquiry has finally closed, over three months after it began and was adjourned. Enormous effort was put into the presentation of our case by volunteers Bettina Kirkham of Kirkham Landscapes, Paul Matthews, our transport expert, and Leigh Rawlins of Sonning Common Parish Council, who was single-handedly responsible for presenting our planning case.

Thanks to widespread public support through our crowd-funding campaign, our case was most ably presented by John Fitzsimons of Cornerstone Barristers. His closing statement is on our home page.

1,500+ more houses threatened?

As announced by South Oxfordshire District Council in May, three local sites capable of producing over 500 new houses each are currently being re-examined by the Council. They are at Reading Golf Club (1); Palmer's Riding Stables (2) and Playhatch (3).

CAGE represents parishes in South Oxfordshire and residents' groups in Caversham and Emmer Green and they are united in their agreement that any development of this scale would have a devastating impact on the local area. An opposition group, (KEG – Keep Emmer Green) has been formed to fight the golf club proposal and CAGE has been working with them.

For further details contact:

Reading Ward Councillor Clare Grashoff

Sonning Common Ward Councillor Paul Harrison

CAGE has written to the Leader of South Oxfordshire Council, Jane Murphy, asking that these sites be removed from consideration. CAGE members have also met with Reading East MP Matt Rodda to discuss them. Further details will be provided on this website as news becomes available.

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