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CAGE campaigners hot on the Gladman case

Thanks to over 180 generous donors and contributions from parish councils and local amenity groups, the CAGE crowd-funding appeal has raised an astonishing total of around £16,000. This is when online and cheque donations are added to the £6,000 donated by local parish councils.

As a result, CAGE has been able to appoint John Fitzsimons as our barrister to act at the planning inquiry from 1 to 4 May. He specialises in planning and has been involved in some notable cases involving unwanted housing development. Campaigners have also been busy preparing expert evidence. Expert witness Bettina Kirkham of Kirkham Landscapes has submitted a report making the case for the value of site in landscape terms. Retired transport planner Paul Matthews has also submitted evidence on this aspect. CAGE volunteers have submitted additional evidence on environmental and heritage aspects.

Background documents

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