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Gladman refused by SODC!

SODC's case planning officer has announced that the Council is about to refuse the Gladman application because of a lack of primary school places.

This is tremendous news for all who have written with their objections and for the dedicated campaigners who have been working away at opposing the scheme since it was first lodged in the autumn. An appeal is now possible, but at least campaigners have some much deserved breathing space. Congratulations!

The message reads: Just to update you on the above application for 245 dwellings at Emmer Green. Both the County and Reading Borough council are objecting to the application on the lack of primary school capacity.

Reading Borough Council (RBC) have advised that the local schools in the immediate vicinity are at capacity therefore there would be an objection in principle to development that would increase demand on school places that cannot be mitigated. RBC has also advised that it does not have a duty to build new places for children located outside of the Borough therefore children from within the proposed development would not get a school place before the children of Reading residents living within the catchment.

OCC has advised that the nearest Oxfordshire primary schools to the development (within approximately 3 miles) include Sonning Common, Kidmore End, Shiplake and Peppard. The above schools are on constrained sites and are unable to expand to meet the needs of this proposed development. OCC therefore objects to this proposed development on the grounds there is insufficient primary school capacity.

The application was discussed at a recent Cabinet Member Briefing and the Leader has agreed with the recommendation to refuse the application on the lack of primary school capacity. It is therefore intended to refuse the application on that ground under delegated authority.

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