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Some views of the Gladman site

The Gladman site consists of a beautiful Chilterns dip slope landscape which the Conservation Board is in the process of reviewing for inclusion in the AONB. Even though the AONB is just a field a way, SODC failed to consult the Board. CAGE asked the Board to comment and their comments are decisive:

Permitting this planning application would have the effect of prejudicing this AONB boundary review application. Once permitted for housing, there is no prospect that the land would become part of the nationally protected landscape....this application land should reasonably constitute a valued landscape. The Chilterns AONB Management Plan 2014-2019: A Framework for Action, endorsed by SODC as a material consideration in the exercise of its planning powers, contains policy D9 “Full account should be taken of the likely impact of developments on the setting of the AONB”.

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