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Reading decisively reject Gladman

Tonight's meeting of Reading Borough Council's Planning Committee unanimously agreed it should 'strongly object' to the Gladman proposal. Reading's view will be taken into consideration by South Oxfordshire when they decide the application in March.

There were some eloquent speeches against the Gladman application, including from EGRA Chair and CAGE member, Annette Fairweather and by local ward member Cllr Clare Grashoff.

Reasons cited for opposing included:

  • the lack of sustainability of the development

  • its isolated status

  • the risk of increased road congestion, including cross-Thames which had been left out of the studies

  • overstretched GP surgeries and primary schools with SODC unwilling to contribute

  • very poor access with the risk of a damaging third access on Marchwood Close and a threat to horse-riders, cyclists and pedestrians

  • environmental impacts including in terms of air quality and on Clayfield Copse nature reserve

  • the risk of spread of development to Sonning Common

You can check the video of the meeting from around 13 minutes in.

#Reading #Gladman #Dunsden

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