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EGRA warn of precedent set by Gladman

Local newspapers have been responding to the threat of the Gladman application for 245 houses in Eye & Dunsden. The The Henley Standard quotes Emmer Green Residents Association as saying they are concerned the development could set a precedent:

“We are concerned by the likelihood of a successful application leading to further proposals in the same area. The impact of a number of proposals would be huge and the more difficult to deal with on a piecemeal basis. “The fundamental need for new housing cannot be challenged. However, local authorities should prepare plans that are as satisfactory as possible, taking into account local factors. “If this process can be overridden when any developer turns up with a proposal that maximises their financial advantage, it makes a nonsense of the whole approach. “One of Emmer Green’s advantages is its access to the attractive countryside immediately to the north. Loss of this area will be detrimental to the community and particularly hard for residents on the boundary who will be directly affected.”

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