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Watch as Gladman return with
far-fetched proposals at South Oxfordshire Local Plan Inquiry


Gladman is scheduled to make presentations on July 15th and 21st at the Examination in Public of South Oxfordshire's Local Plan which sets the area's planning strategy to 2034. The meeting will be conducted by Zoom and members of the public can watch on YouTube using this link


The notorious land promoters are seeking to challenge South Oxfordshire's strategy of responding to Oxford's need for more housing by allowing construction in some Green Belt areas near the city.


They are doing this in order to increase their chances of getting sites at Emmer Green and Playhatch allowed for development, even though they are specifically excluded from the plans of both South Oxfordshire and Reading have made representations to the inquiry saying they do not want to build here.


Their evidence includes a very ambitious proposal for the construction of 550 houses between Playhatch and Caversham Park Village. They also restate that they believe that over 200 houses could sustainably be built on land adjoining Emmer Green in Eye & Dunsden, in spite of this having been decisively rejected at a previous inquiry and subsequent appeal.


This site may also be of interest to Reading as they plan a potential new 'north orbital' road with park and ride schemes to support their long-held ambitions for a third Thames crossing at Caversham Lakes.


Open the folder marked 'G' to see Gladman's evidence to the Inquiry here

Image from Gladman's Playhatch brochure

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